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Advertise Coin
2 min readMar 30, 2021


The advertisement industry is no doubt one of the marketplaces where billions of dollars exchange hands annually. The industry presents exciting opportunities for publishers, marketers, and advertisers.

While there are several projects utilizing blockchain technology to improve the operations of these industry players, Advertise Coin seems to be the game-changer. Advertise Coin provides a marketplace where publishers and advertisers can sell their content to their audience and make decent profits.

What is Advertise Coin and what do you stand to benefit joining the project? Read on to find out!

What Is Advertise Coin?

Advertise Coin, with the symbol ADCO, is a utility token designed in February 2021. At its core, Advertise Coin connects buyers and sellers in the advert space with a single cryptocurrency. On the Ethereum network, ADCO can be used to purchase goods and services. The coin can also be used to exchange funds on different exchanges.

Advertise Coin uses blockchain technology to provide efficient, user-friendly, and crypto solutions in the advertisement space. They link publishers and advertisers in a transparent and trustworthy way. ADCO is the only exchange unit at the moment.

Advertise Coin allows advertisers or ad companies to sell their content to their targeted audience at a much lower price compared to what is obtainable in the ad marketplace. The coin can be transferred to the Ethereum protocol.

The team is led by Anton Malinov who is the CEO and founder of the project.

Why You Should Participate In The Advertise Coin Marketplace

There are so many reasons to join the Advertise Coin ecosystem, some of which are:

One Marketplace

Advertise Coin is a single store or marketplace for everybody. Whether you have a business or you are a consumer, you will enjoy a memorable experience on the Advertise Coin platform.

Transparency and Trust

Advertise Coin promotes transparency and trust. It is a utility token for everyone involved in the advert industry. Every transaction on the Advertise Coin platform is transparent. Plus, there are no hidden charges.

Blockchain DeFi

Advertise Coin leverages blockchain technology to provide robust security to its investors. Through smart contracts, liquidity providers will be able to define lock-in periods.

Payment Flexibility

There is a high level of payment flexibility in the Advertise Coin ecosystem. If you run a business, you will retain customers and get paid faster. Once you have been verified, you can buy ADCO with Ethereum or directly with fiat currency.


The team at Advertise Coin offers a 100% bonus to all participants during the project’s pre-sale period. The bonus is available for usage immediately and you can use it on any Ad Exchange to get advertisements. You can also hold the bonus to enjoy price increase.

Closing Note:

Be part of us at early stage, start with Advertise Coin today and move to the route of success and growth.

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